If you hire a pro or do it yourself you are always looking at money and time, the next decision is how much of those two are we planning on spending .If you do hire a pro they are generally priced between $1.50-$4.00 a square foot! This number will vary depending on how many square feet, how many coats to use, if the materials are supplied or not by the homeowner.


With that being said, you can save some money by doing the work yourself! Here are a few tips to doing a quality home exterior paint job.

Have a Plan

Not that painting your home is some humongous project but always having a plan is a good idea. First of all decide when it is that you may want to do this project, anticipate a couple if not a few days (depending on how many people you have to help you and the size of the house.). From that point you will want to measure out how many square feet you are painting, you can also go look on the tax assessor’s website for measurements and blueprints. Decide if you are going to spray or roll.


Spraying or Rolling

Depending on your method of application you will need to decide if you have a textured surface or not. If you have a textured surface it is best to spray the first two coats and complete the project with a roll on job. If you have a slick surface you can spray or roll on all of your coats but only rolling the whole job will take a little bit more time.


Buy Quality Materials

You get what you pay for and materials will show a difference. Purchasing top quality paint, primer and caulking will produce a more quality finished product. Specifically in the paints flow and ability to hide and deter new surface marks. Not to mention the life of your paint holds up longer and stronger than a cheaper paint. When buying paint be mindful that one gallon will typically cover 350-400 square feet with a single coat. Typically paints can cost anywhere between 20-40 dollars a gallon.



Look at the surface to be painted, typically clearing the surface of any old paint or debris is a highly recommended. With a cleaner surface your primer and paint will look and hold that much better. Go through and apply caulk to any cracks or crevasses. Do also be sure to strip any kind of flaking trim paint or just clean well before starting the job.



Make sure you start by applying your high quality oil primer base. Let it dry and plan to do 2 or 3 coats of surface painting. Making sure to apply the additional coats is a key objective in achieving the highest quality product.