With the summer in full swing that Air Conditioning unit is running harder than ever and keeping your home cool is a necessity  . On average 40 percent of your homes monthly AC and Heat are gone right out the door .A further breakdown of where its escaping from looks like, the attic (10%), the basement (10%), floors (5%) and walls (5%) other (5%) . Here are a few ideas on how to keep the AC in your house and that hard earned money in your pocket !

1) Door/Window Sweeps

Easy to install and made in a plethora of materials and designs . Door sweeps are a great way to even up any minimal space between the door and uneven thresholds . You can get a door sweep from $5-20 at your local hardware or general store. They are inexpensive items that will probably need to be replaced once a year . These door sweeps are also great for any window seal that may be a little bit loose or just aged with the home . This is not just great for the summer time but the winter as well because you are able to keep more of your heat from silently escaping.

2) Window Caulking and Drapes

Think elementary science , conduction vs convection ! Conduction is the transfer of energy (heat) through physical contact ( the sun beaming down on the house and heating the exterior ) and transferring that hot energy into your home . Convection is the transfer of energy ( heat through the circulation or movement  ( drafts in your windows or home ) . 

Go to the local hardware store ,get some caulking and go around each window frame and see if you can feel hot air entering anywhere and seal it up . Beyond that you may reduce the "conduction " by adding drapes or blinds to the windows . Specifically you want to look for products that have compressed insulation to keep that air from being heated up from the outside temperatures. Again , this goes for the summer as well as the winter because those blinds or drapes will further insulate those areas keeping your home warmer .

3) Foam Weather Stripping 

Extremely affordable and easy to apply , foam weather stripping is another great way to reduce the passing of airflow on your doors . Make sure you wipe the surface extremely clean before applying , then just put it on like a sticker . Different from the door sweep but similar, both items utilize the same function of preventing airflow in or out but the weather stripping targets the vertical up right sides of the door.

4) Attic Spray Foam Insulation 

Instead for tearing all the walls down and re insulating  for tens of thousands of dollars .Try adding an extra layer of insulation in the attic can cut back on the energy loss from your home by roughly 10% . Spray foam insulation is relatively cheap to have ,running anywhere from $1.50-3 a square foot . This is more of a long term benefit but even from the energy savings alone you should expect this investment to payback in 3-4 years roughly .